What does Heimat mean to you?

Heimat means memories of childhood and the first house I ever lived in. I was so attached to it as a child. It was a beautiful terrace, totally renovated by my parents, and I still dream about it. That’s the place I always feel a strong connection to.

Why do you work for [Haimat]?

I work for [Haimat] because I really believe in what we do. We work for the good over evil – for the purpose, rather than just for profit. Having a goal that’s not revenue-based makes a big difference to the way people work. Our clients reflect it too – we really believe in what they’re doing and how they’re inspiring their clients and communities.

One thing you like most about [Haimat]?

Working with people that actually care about what they do, and are happy to be at work every day! After working in big global companies for a number of years, I can’t tell you what a difference there is coming to a place like this.
I have also discovered the Nutella scrolls from the cafe next door. Amazing.