What does Heimat mean to you?

It’s serenity, equanimity, harmony and joy. And that’s what I can find on a yoga mat. This thin piece of rubbery stuff, 60cms by 170-odd-cms, is the place on which I’ve had more fun, learned and experienced more than I would have thought possible. All I have to do is unroll it, and the sense of Heimat kicks in.

Why do you work for [Haimat]?

I love to write, and [Haimat] means writing for a brave new world of new communication technologies and platforms. It’s having fun with this amazing language to create online personalities, relationships and communities. It’s giving great clients who do good work a unique voice in the world.

One thing you like most about [Haimat]?

We work above the cafe that makes the best coffee in town, the Belgrave Cartel.