Top 5 Digital News Stories: April

From Easter long weekend to Anzac-day…the past few weeks have brought plenty of holiday chill factor. But alas, the digital space waits for no one! Plenty’s been happening while you’ve been chowing down on chocolate and alcohol.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to that sweet, sweet, sedentary #lifestyle. Get your digital updates while they’re still hot! Because winter is coming.

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Digital News #1 Facebook dallies with journalism

Safe to assume, it’s not news that Facebook plays a huge role in the dissemination of information. Be it real or (as is usually the case) fake news. In light of this Facebook fact of life, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the social platform is considering implementing a dedicated News Tab. Most notably, this Facebook news section will (allegedly) be willing to pay news creators for high-quality content and fact checking.

Facebook’s newest news move marks a shift from the standard-fare, emotions-based, click-bait algorithm model that has existed on the social platform so far. Things are still pending on whether this promise will evolve into reality. But still… if the plan comes to fruition, this could prompt a complete overhaul of how messaging is constructed and prompted on the social media channel. So, keep it on your news radar!

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 Digital News #2 LinkedIn’s plans for publishing presentations, PDFs & PowerPoints

In 2018, LinkedIn made it possible for users and company pages to upload documents to their LinkedIn messages. And the working world’s social network is planning on taking things up a notch. Now users and business pages will be able to publish documents and presentations, including PDF’s and PowerPoints, directly to their news feed and within group posts.

What does this black magic mean? Brands will now have the opportunity to host specialised information streams and groups for knowledge shares and collaborative work. Not to mention sharing the latest updates on industry projects with the general LinkedIn public.

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 Digital News #3 LinkedIn streamlines meetings

The hardest part about meetings is the meeting (up) part. Who, what, where, when, how… it can become mission impossible sorting out a time and place that suits everyone. So, LinkedIn has stepped in to make sharing schedules and availability easier.  To keep the back and forth communication ramblings to a minimum and streamline the meeting “negotiation process”.    

We live in a world with different timetables, different work hours, night owls, early birds, and day… hawks? Basically, no two humans are on one identical schedule. And so, LinkedIn’s “Meetings Made Easy” feature offers a great opportunity for businesses, and the working world at large, to get coordinated. So, kick into gear and get hooked into this latest piece of organisational gold.

Find out how you can start setting up LinkedIn meetings here 

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 Digital News #4 LinkedIn makes up for lost marketing time

You can probably tell by now… LinkedIn is trending for our digital news reel this month! And for good reason. The social platform is taking its marketing opportunities to new heights. It really should be on your business radar!

Now, when it comes to the world of marketing, LinkedIn has been a tad slow off the mark. But, dear friends, they’re keen to make up for lost time! The company recently announced that they’re set to launch a new ‘Interest Targeting’ option for their ads, with the added bonus of ‘Lookalike’ audiences.

This latest initiative is courtesy of much closer LinkedIn-Adobe-Microsoft partnership. By integrating software systems from the Adobe-Microsoft clan, LinkedIn will offer new marketing solutions for brands to orchestrate, measure and deliver targeted content.

This is long-awaited, but nonetheless, amazing news for brands, businesses, and digital marketers alike – and especially those who play in the B2B space. In a Facebook-marketing-esque kind of manner, you’ll be able to upload a list of emails and market to a larger group who display similar desirable (aka profitable) traits.

Discover more about how Adobe, Microsoft and LinkedIn are accelerating marketing here 

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 Digital News #5 Instagram introduces new shopping features

Not to be out-staged on the business front, Instagram’s unleashed a range of new additions to make Insta-shopping easier than ever. Which makes life, business, and sales a whole lot easier for brands. With the addition of their new ‘Checkout’ feature, users will now only need to enter their name, email, billing info, and shipping details once. Plus, word on the street is that Instagram is working on rolling out a ‘Cart’ function to mimic online shopping websites.

These additions are going to be a HUGE online shopping game changer.  They will

enable users to find the trending items they (purportedly) can’t live without and buy them without leaving the app (thereby skipping the tedious switcheroo between app – website – app). So, in this brave new world where Instagram functions as a social AND shopping platform, brands need to adapt. And fast. Do or die.

If users don’t even need to divert from the social platform for their shopping needs… any eCommerce brand without their goods readily available, visible, and purchasable is missing out.

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And that’s a wrap!

Stay tuned and tune in next month for your MAY digital updates. We’ll do the detective work, so you can glide your way to digital marketing glory.

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