Top 5 Digital News Stories: March

The seasons are a-changin’. But that isn’t all that’s changing this month!

This month has seen a number of the smaller players (think Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat) making some pretty interesting updates to their platforms. At the same time, the relentless pursuit of authentic and connected interaction continues…

So, without further ado.

Come on down, step right up, and let’s get stuck into our top 5 digital news stories for March.

1. Pinterest steps up their eCommerce game

Pinterest marketing for brands

As far as online catalogues and product inspiration go, you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere that gives you both the range and the specificity that Pinterest marketing offers. Pinterest falls short, however, when it comes to retaining customers. There is nothing more frustrating than attracting customers with one of your pinned products, only to facilitate a sale for a competitor through the ‘More like this’ option.

But thankfully, Pinterest’s announced it will be rolling out a series of tools to help customers to find more products from the same brand! In addition to the ‘More like this’ option, there will now be a ‘More from [brand]’ option. To help brand advocates find more of your products!

Interested in what this could add to your eCommerce marketing strategy? Read on here.

2. Twitter revamps its platform. With another platform.

Twitter updates its camera function
Image from TechCrunch

Twitter has released a prototype application called ‘twttr’ to its first group of user testers. This platform is dedicated to testing and experimenting with new developments. And we’re already seeing a number of interesting changes being made!

Twitter latest goal is to offer audiences a more real-time reflection of what’s happening in the world. As opposed to a series of isolated individual interpretations. And in line with this vision, Twitter is experimenting with new video and conversation components. Twitter’s redesigned camera feature will allow users to post live photos and videos. Plus, their new conversation format will make it easier to view the history of the chat.

Twitter have also confirmed that they’re developing a feature that enables people to follow conversations without having liked or replied to them.

Because let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to live that wallflower life.

More info on video here.  Otherwise, follow the conversation .

3. YouTube takes the fight to fake news

YouTube makes it easier to spot fake news
Image from The Drum

Ranked number #1 as the most trusted brand for millennials, YouTube is experimenting with ways to help viewers identify and limit misinformation. So long conspiracy theories!

Although YouTube isn’t extending their fact-checking prowess to individual videos just yet…they are rolling out new features that will alert viewers that they are searching for content that is likely fake news.

So what’s brought on the push for greater transparency and education around fake content? Well, big tech is (finally) realising that the deterioration of quality content will have a tangible monetary effect.

Particularly as brands are beginning to steer clear of associating themselves with misinformation.

More content required? Continue watching here.

4. Instagram delivers some more influencer magic

Instagram makes updates to influencer marketing
Image from @candicekumai

The people who wrote the eBook on influencer marketing are rolling out some funky new features. To make it even easier to leverage influencer marketing as part of your business strategy!

The new “Branded content ads” are part of Instagram’s strategy to “connect advertisers and creators in more formal partnerships”. This forms part of Instagrams latest regulatory crackdowns on the influencer-marketing circus.

Collaborating with an influencer was previously only limited to the follower count of the account in question. But NOW! Branded content ads will allow organisations to promote these posts in the same way that they would any other ad on Facebook.

In which case, brands can deliver that oh-so-sweet reputation (by association) on a grand scale.

More on how your brand can leverage these updates here.

5. Snap augments its AR gaming efforts

Snapchat updates its AR gaming

With a younger core demographic and an affiliation with Chinese tech giant Tencent, it was a only matter of when (not if) Snap was going to turn its attention to AR gaming.

Snap have been slowly adding to their repertoire of ‘Snappable’ AR interactive games and features. And they’re reportedly going to add a dedicated Snapchat gaming platform in the near future! There are also reports that they’ll be launching a “platform that would let outside developers create games to be played through the snapchat app”.

Who said that brands can’t have a bit of fun with their marketing, right?

Get the unfiltered story here.


Well that just about brings the last month to a close.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to know! Read more about digital updates in February, or check out our blog for some more of the latest and greatest.

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