So you have a great social media marketing plan, amazing content expressed in your unique tone of voice and plenty to discuss with your customers. Amazing, congratulations, woohoo! But that’s just one side of the equation.

The other side of the equation

Social media management is not just getting the conversation going, but maintaining it, fuelling it, responding, following trends and monitoring to make sure your company values are being upheld. [Haimat] manages communities for our clients across the full gamut of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogs and more.

Hey, listen up

Social media is a great vehicle for gathering feedback and it makes your customers feel good to know they can have their say: but only if you can show you’re listening to them. Positive or negative, feedback provides the information you need to make your product or service even better, and responding to it is a great opportunity to build brand personality. Our expertise is not just helping to shape your content – based on all you know about your business and your customers – but on smart ways to repurpose it across the various channels and keep the conversation fresh. And we can’t sugar coat this: social media management is time consuming. As in any conversation, for it to be meaningful you need to be listening as much as communicating.

Social media management from [Haimat] includes:

  • Content review
  • Develop content strategy
  • Monitoring your social networks
  • Responding and repurposing

Can you do it in-house?

Absolutely. It’s ideal to have your social media management handled by someone with direct access to the decision-makers in your business. Here’s some hints on how to choose that person: First, they’ll need a good eye for great graphics – and the ability to manipulate them, particularly if your businesses markets to millennials or teenagers who are native screen-pros. Second, writing skills – that’s not just being able to speel good and no basic gramar. Although they are important (because some people find it very irritating its should be it’s and their should be they’re!) Writing also means maintaining a consistent tone of voice, the tone of voice you’ve decided best expresses the brand’s personality.

Plus, they’ll need:

  • A customer focused mindset – they may not always be right, but customers should always be engaged and responded to appropriately.
  • An understanding of SEO – because getting your brand up-there in the search engines is most important of all.
  • And finally, social advertising experience. Because that’s a field changing constantly, you’re special someone will also need the passion to continually stay on trend, learning all the time as social advertising evolves.

If you don’t have that particular wunderkind in house, [Haimat] is happy to step right in – give us a call!

More social media we can deliver for you:

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