[Haimat] and Heimat

Heimat (ˈhaimaːt ) Noun, home

Heimat is a German word and concept with no equivalent in English – a bit like zeitgeist, schadenfreude or wunderkind. It refers to a place that inspires a strong feeling of belonging and deep-rooted fondness. It is about authentic emotional connections, community and identity. Wouldn’t it be great if your brand was a sort of Heimat for your customers?

[Haimat] is the phonetic translation for this concept of powerful identification and social affinity. Let [Haimat] be the translator of your brand, delivering success through digital marketing. Our approach is to build strong, long lasting bonds between brands and their customers through unique, digital experiences. The goal is for your brand to truly become a Heimat for your customers.

Why choose [Haimat]?

We love what we do. But we never get lost in our digital world
and lose sight of why we do it. It’s all about:


We start every major project with your ROI – what is your benchmark for success in the strategy, campaign or project we’re launching together?


Every brand has a personality and a voice, projected by your digital presence. We define it, shape it and build it with you.


Do they think of your brand as a heimat? Something they’re strongly connected to? That’s our goal, bringing your potential audience home to you.

Meet our team

Our core team works with professional freelance creatives, designers and developers, carefully chosen to deliver the best result for your project. We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships.

Benjamin Kassel Managing Director
Alex Gourlay Client Service Director
Jake McCann Digital Account Manager

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