At [Haimat] our management team are highly experienced and multi-skilled people.They come with years of deep experience. So deep that they know how to do more than one job in an agency. We call it T-Shaped, you’ll call it amazing!


It’s always sunny here on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which keeps the vibes high and the people happy. So unsurprisingly, Manly has become the unofficial home of Haimat’s creative design and content team, working hard to turn that sunshine into little salt-crystal rainbows for your customers. 


Ah, Berlin. Home of both techno, and Haimat’s technical team. Our Performance Power House like to stay close to the action, to bring you the most up-to-date knowledge and insights from big tech and startup alike. Don’t be put off by their Berliner Schnauze they are a great bunch. Except when you schedule calls for 7am in Berlin. Don’t do that.

Benjamin Kassel

Benjamin Kassel

Managing Director