Top Stories From Google I/O and F8 2019

What with the Australian Federal Elections and International Star Wars Day, May was always going to be jam packed. Add Google’s 2019 I/O Keynote and Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference into the mix, and things get even spicier. 

Don’t have time to go through the speeches and extrude all of that steaming hot knowledge?  Don’t worry. We’ve got put together a crash course of our top picks from these two giant events that will get you from zero to Jedi faster than you can say ‘Yoda’.

Top 5 Digital News Stories: April

From Easter long weekend to Anzac-day…the past few weeks have brought plenty of holiday chill factor. But alas, the digital space waits for no one! Plenty’s been happening while you’ve been chowing down on chocolate and alcohol.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to that sweet, sweet, sedentary #lifestyle. Get your digital updates while they’re still hot! Because winter is coming.

Conference Conundrums: SXSW Tips for Beginners

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 2.49.05 pm

A man dressed as a space bug does the Macarena. A couple walk past gnawing at hunks of meat that any caveman would be proud to bring home. A robot plays space invader.

 In your jet-lagged, sensory-overloaded daze, you might wonder how you ended up here. Or for that matter, where you’re headed. And with these slippery thoughts swirling about, it happens. You cross the invisible threshold and pass into Austin’s downtown. With the appearance of the conference centre, you’ve reached the SXSW event horizon. There’s no stopping now, as you and your fellow somnambulists are reeled in by the allure of strange, new things.

SXSW 2019: Insights & Trends for Forward Thinkers

There was music. There was learning. But most of all, there was BBQ.

All in all, SXSW 2019 was a pretty darn incredible time. And while there were fewer mind-blowing-out-of-this-world moments than there were last year, the sheer diversity and range of speakers and events meant that we definitely didn’t walk away feeling dissatisfied – if still a little confused by the difference between a hoedown and a hootenanny.

Top 5 Digital News Stories: March

The seasons are a-changin’. But that isn’t all that’s changing this month!

This month has seen a number of the smaller players (think Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat) making some pretty interesting updates to their platforms. At the same time, the relentless pursuit of authentic and connected interaction continues…

So, without further ado.

Come on down, step right up, and let’s get stuck into our top 5 digital news stories for March.


Digital Marketing Trends 2019: New Year, New Trends

New Year, New You, New Tech, and Newer Trends. Now that summer time is officially over, it’s time to say goodbye to the silly season and kick into gear. Winter is coming. So be prepared.

Office Diary Entry #IV A New Hope for [ Haimat ]

Date: 29/02/2019

Coffee Status: Two Three-ish

Dear (office) diary, 

Let’s just assume you’ve been anxiously waiting to hear to latest and greatest from the Haimat Agency.

Well…let me tell you! There’s been plenty of news to go ‘round. From a mid-February office Christmas Party, to agency re-branding, kick-off’s with new clients, and a pending trip to SXSW…there’s so much to tell. Yet so little time. So, let’s start off with this week, then work our way backwards. Time travel style. Yes, that’s right we purchased a time machine, but more on that later.

Our Top 5 Digital News Stories for February

That Valentine’s Day love still hangs in the air…

The love of all things digital, that is. Oh stop it, you hopeless romantics.

Following a relatively quiet January, the big digital machines have started their engines and look set to make 2019 one hell of a year –  and this month has been all about video. What a surprise…

So what’s on the agenda, what’s the 4-1-1?

Check out our top reads for the month right here. We’ve done the leg work so you can stay riiiiiiiight where you are.

Read on for your digi-downlow/load…

Launching The Student Housing Company in Australia

Student accommodation sure has come a long way since we were at uni.

Remember the ‘good ol’ days’ of student village apartments that were so desperate for a vacuum that a finger-swipe through the air collects a fine layer of dust… or shared apartments whose only mantra was that whoever topples the stack of dishes in the sink must clean them…

Ok, let’s lose the rose-coloured glasses for a minute here. #UniLife is great and all sure, but wouldn’t it be even better without those rogue bills that mean tuna and rice for a month? Or if it came with a gym membership so that you can sweat out those caffein binges and detox every once in a while?

Sounds like the time for us to introduce a good friend of ours, The Student Housing Company.

So long, student struggles. Hello, stress-free student living goals.

Everyone Is NOT Your Customer: Build Your Tribe

“Everyone is not your customer” is one of those mighty fine pearls of wisdom from marketing guru Seth Godin. So, word to the wise: you should listen!

The age of mass marketing has ended. The age of tribal marketing has begun. The foghorn of traditional media, radio, television and newspapers, doesn’t dominate the world like it used to.

We have digital media to thank for that. With its more balanced approach to personalised and large-scale marketing.

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