Creating a website branding experience to communicate research.

Qualie wrote the algorithm when it comes to customer research.

Their product blends quantitative and qualitative data to provide organisational and audience insights that go deeper than mere data entries. But unfortunately, when most people think of data analysis, their eyes glaze over at the thought of endless excel sheets and graphs…

Not the most stimulating way to start a conversation.

We blend hard data with soft skills.

creating unique brand expressions through design


In order to create an identity that accurately reflected their work process.

Qualie came to us with the task of designing a brand and identity that encapsulated both the emotional, subjective insights of qualitative research, along with the hard objective truth of quantitative data.

Simple stuff, right?


How to fuse two opposite and intangible concepts to create a seamless brand identity.


Doing a bit of research of our own, we got a feel for the how and why of Qualie’s day to day operations. With this understanding in mind, we created a whole new branding that was based on visual expressions of each element of their business.

We visually explored the form behind each concept, and combined these into an infinite number of unique applications. Perfect for expressing an infinite number of unique data sets.

Benjamin Kassel

Benjamin Kassel

Managing Director