Digital marketing strategy – like everything in your business – begins with the overall strategy for you business. Strategy is a clear definition of what it is that make you, your brand and your company unique, fabulous, best in the world. Your business strategy drives your company to succeed, because it’s the foundation informing every decision you make. So, of course, that’s right where we’ll start.

Strategy first

[Haimat]’s approach is to fully understand your business first, so we can be sure the digital marketing strategy we create integrates seamlessly. We start by clearly identifying the challenges customers face when interacting with your brand online. We develop a digital roadmap as the basis of your brand’s digital presence, defining the key framework and objectives, and outlining how your brand will use digital to help achieve your business goals. Most of all, we work with you to decide your target ROI for your marketing investment.

What’s in a strategy?

Creating a unique digital marketing strategy includes:

  • Defining the role digital plays for your brands
  • Identifying business and customer goals
  • Mapping user journey and interactions
  • Quantifying the brand’s digital targets
  • Outlining digital priorities, activities and development areas

Why is strategy important?

A recent survey showed 50% of companies that use digital marketing channels don’t have a digital strategy.

If your company is one of them, you’re vulnerable because:

  • You probably don’t know all you should about your online customers
  • Competitors with a more strategic approach can take your online market share, and
  • You might be wasting money by not targeting your message or getting full value from the content and digital assets you’ve already paid for.

A clear digital marketing strategy ensures your brand stays focused, identifies the brand goals and aligns those with the overall brand strategy. That’s where we start.

And the rest, as they say, is just tactics.

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