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For customers, the top issue in ecommerce is security. For you, it’s an ecommerce platform designed to highlight the very best of your products or services and lead the customer on a simple, seamless journey from browsing to buying.

Customers, of course, have more concerns than security, like am I getting what I need? Will it arrive on time? Will it meet my expectations? But their number one concern is “can I trust this business with my credit card details”?

Your website content and design need to demonstrate your professionalism and honesty and help develop the sense of trust that let customers know your systems are designed to be secure and efficient.

Trusted doesn’t mean tedious

[Haimat] helps you cover the trust issue while focusing on the things that matter most to you: great product or service presentation and a seamless path through shopping cart to transaction.

After all, demonstrating professionalism doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be conservative, staid and boring – we know you’re not like that at all! However, it does mean consistency and quality in your website and a smooth, intuitive buying experience for your customer.

As ecommerce content management systems have become more robust and efficient, they have also become simpler to use. After working with you to define your exact requirements, we can recommend the right ecommerce solution to fit your needs and help you implement in tandem with:

  • Competitor research
  • SEO analytics, and
  • Consistency with your brand personality for a seamless customer experience with your business.

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