A landing page is a single page of content with one clear and obvious call-to-action. [Haimat] creates cleverly and clearly targeted landing pages to get your customers excited about your offer.

The 21st Century sales assistant

Here’s the old way of shopping: you see something in the window – say it’s that fishing gear you want to buy your dad. So you walk into the store and the smiling sales clerk says “How may I help you?”  It’s their job to direct your browsing, answer your most pressing questions and ensure you walk out the door with a purchase. Fishing pole over your shoulder. Fast-forward to the new century, and that sales clerk is your landing page. Your customer is interested in an offer you’ve made via email, in a newsletter, a Facebook post or on your website and they click through – hooray! – landing at exactly the information they need.

What is a landing page?

As soon as the prospect lands on your page, the content becomes your electronic, ever-helpful sales clerk. “Let me help you” is great design and images (the customer things “wow this is cool, glad I’m here”), it’s the headline (“yep, this is what I was after”) and it’s engaging copy that leads them to your call-to-action.

They’ve landed, and they’re happy they did. And that leads to the most important thing: the sale.

[Haimat] creates beautifully designed, clearly targeted landing pages for:

  • new product releases
  • competitions
  • special promotions, and
  • one-off events


The landing page call-to-action is obvious, clear and simple. It may be to buy, to subscribe, request further information, a demonstration or sample. Whatever you are offering, a great landing page is not just for the customer to land where they need to be, it’s for you to land them!

Hook, line and sinker, as a fisherman would say.

More websites we can deliver for you:

[Haimat] creates unique digital experiences and brand identities that tickle the brain & please the eye, content rich, deliciously attractive, flavored for SEO.

It’s a quality user experience that has the best chance of turning a browser into a buyer, a clicker to a convert, a “just looking” to a “gotta have it!”

Microsites can break with your official look-and-feel a little, engaging users in a new experience to help launch new products and events, or for time-sensitive info.


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