Microsites are a powerful addition to special campaigns that require more information or have several calls to action. While a landing page is part of your website – integral to achieving one specific call-to-action – a microsite is like a temporary base camp you use for a while before moving on.

Microsites that do a macro job

[Haimat]’s credo is to make your brand a heimat for you customers – something they have a deep-rooted fondness for. While your website and digital presence are all a part of that strong feeling of belonging, microsites are a great way to expand into new areas without structural changes to your existing site.

But while it’s more of a temporary place, we’ll make sure your customers still feel at home.

[Haimat]’s microsites are designed for ease of use, clarity and carefully crafted content that reflects your brand personality used for:

  • competitions and contests
  • new product launches
  • events
  • time-sensitive information
  • additional editorial on important issues

Through careful design, tested and targeted material, and – most importantly – creative flair, [Haimat] works with you to deliver microsites that do a macro job.

Different, but with the same sense of identity

Microsites can afford to break with your official look-and-feel, to engage users in a new experience and target new audiences.

There’s some exciting exclusivity here, but we work to ensure it all still fits neatly with your overall brand identity – so it’s still the ‘you’ your customers know and love.

More websites we can deliver for you:

There are so many variables in a website, decisions made early in your plans for a new or revised site are critical to ensure you meet customer expectations.

It’s a quality user experience that has the best chance of turning a browser into a buyer, a clicker to a convert, a “just looking” to a “gotta have it!”

[Haimat] creates beautifully designed, clearly targeted landing pages for new product releases, competitions, special promotions and one-off events with impact.


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