Everybody is on the move and has their face in a screen. Your parents remember a time when people read newspapers on the train, enjoyed the view at the beach, looked around as they walked along the street. Now our noses are drawn towards our screens wherever we are.

90% of interactions screen-based

With 90% of all media interactions screen based according to Nielsen Australia, and the highest percentage (38%) smartphone based, responsive web design is critical. So the question is: are customers able to view your website, see what they want and navigate through to a transaction whether they are on the train, at the beach or walking along the street?

A team for more than just gorgeous design

[Haimat]’s web design teams understand the

  • anywhere,
  • anytime and
  • on any device
  • essence of responsive web design.

Our goal is to make the user experience something your customer doesn’t even think about. To deliver on that, we put together a web design team with the right mix of strategic, project management, user interface, graphic design and technology professionals best suited to your industry and specific business goals.

There are two reasons why Responsive Website Design is important to your business.

The first (and perhaps last) is that Google recommends it. And as we have talked about before, we all want to be Google’s best friend.

The second is that RWD has become another ubiquitous Three Letter Acronym – so you know it’s here to stay!

Mobile first

Studies by Google show that close to 50% of users say they feel “frustrated and annoyed” when they go to a non-mobile-friendly website. They are not emotions we want our customers ever to experience when interacting with our brands. Especially as more than 50% said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with that company in the future.

Wherever possible, we start your website design project with mobile and work back.

With more than 20% of Google searches now performed on mobile devices – and the number increases all the time – RWD helps your business with its best chance of scoring a critical spot high in the search engine rankings.

More websites we can deliver for you:

There are so many variables in a website, decisions made early in your plans for a new or revised site are critical to ensure you meet customer expectations.

[Haimat] creates unique digital experiences and brand identities that tickle the brain & please the eye, content rich, deliciously attractive, flavored for SEO.

It’s a quality user experience that has the best chance of turning a browser into a buyer, a clicker to a convert, a “just looking” to a “gotta have it!”


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