[Haimat] provides customized SEO consultancy services with tailored solutions. Our aim is to provide you with long-term SEO advantages over your competitors.

Unique Search Engine Optimization services

SEO stands for search engine optimization, but the way people talk about it, like a mysterious form of technological black magic, you’d think it meant something like Secretly Encrypted Obfuscation. [Haimat] SEO services are built on a unique, German-designed system that gives you the information, the blueprint and the feedback to ensure your SEO dollars are well spent. No mystery. No black magic. Just data and results.

Tailored SEO Solutions

We provide customized SEO consultancy services with tailored solutions. Our aim is to provide you with long-term SEO advantages over your competitors. Unfortunately, it’s not hard to find an SEO company to offer you a menu of packaged services. But that’s like fast food – yours will be like everyone else’s, and with successful SEO marketing, it’s all about a la carte.

Unique German-designed system

[Haimat] offers unique SEO services in Sydney. We use a custom built program more sophisticated than most of what is available, and way ahead of packaged solutions.

Our services include:

  • Potential site traffic analysis
  • Technical website error reports
  • SEO navigation optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • Back link and partnership strategy and management
  • Content and landing page optimization
  • Keyword strategy

And more.

The power of our system – especially if SEO is built into your website from the beginning as it’s designed or redeveloped – is that content keywords, topics, word-counts and page counts are fully researched to optimize success before the first word is written.

What is SEO?

SEO is what everyone uses to become Google’s best friend. It’s a collection of tactics designed to get your brand towards the top of the search engine results where people can find you based on specific search terms. And if they don’t find you, they’ll find your competition. SEO is about attracting more unpaid search engine traffic to your site. That’s organic, or natural, search results for your business – so in your target geographical or market segments, you’re up there with the best. The essence of an SEO strategy (hyperlink) is to build and constantly monitor your search engine performance over the long term. It can be supplemented with Pay Per Click or paid search engine advertising designed to boost your results in the short term, but the overall SEO strategy is designed to build over time.

Leadership IS a popularity contest

You’ve heard that “leadership is not a popularity contest”. Forget it. Market leadership is a popularity contest. Always. And your SEO strategy may have to change regularly to maintain your popularity. The cat and mouse game between Google and SEO consultants has been through many phases as Google continues to refine the algorithms everybody else tries to crack. But while there are complexities, Google’s requirements are finally settling what really is most important: quality content. At [Haimat] we help you shape that quality SEO friendly content in very specific ways to stay ahead while staying authentic.

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