Thank goodness you don’t need the deep pockets necessary for a full-blown TV advertising campaign to get your business noticed these days! The Mad Men-style big budgets and Bourbon-sipping-creative meetings might look glamorous, but they’re an increasingly retro way to communicate with your target market.

Social Media Advertising is constantly evolving

Social media advertising has grown in sophistication in a relatively short space of time. And it’s evolving daily. The beauty of using social as an advertising medium is that it starts, not with you trying to find your customers, but with customers finding you thanks to the information on their needs and preferences determining where and how they see your ads.

Different platforms, different approaches

At [Haimat] social advertising plans are never pre-packaged. Whether you are targeting Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or any of the other dozens and dozens of social media platforms available, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

We have experience in all traditional advertising media (yes, we’ve been to those Bourbon-sipping-creative meetings….) so we can work within the goals of any existing advertising campaigns to ensure your advertising on social media fully supports your overall plans.

We start with analysis of what, how and when your audience interacts with social media:

  • What are their favourite platforms?
  • How do they access them – mobile, laptop, tablet?
  • When do they engage with social media?

Whatever platforms we choose, however, we’ll be testing and testing. Testing campaigns, tag lines, headlines and calls-to-action many times over to refine the approach further and further.

Feedback and testing

Segmenting and targeting means you can run several smaller campaigns for the same budget as one big campaign – and get better results. Also, feedback means you can measure the success of sponsored ads in real time – so there’s no guesswork in measuring your ROI. Facebook offers more sophisticated data on buying behaviours and personal preferences than any system in history and we use it to carefully target your message – but it’s only one option. Twitter needs a different approach because it’s used almost exclusively (close to 90%) on smartphones, affecting not only the design of your advertising, but your targeting options. Like Facebook, Instagram is heavily dependent on visuals – photos or videos – and ideal for high visibility promotions and competitions. There are infinite possibilities but while campaign design begins with the what, how and when, it’s the why that matters most. And the answer to ‘why use social media advertising’ is easy: it works and you can prove it, with data. From a highly interactive competition to banner advertising, let’s see what channels your customers use most, and work from there.

More social media we can deliver for you:

It’s not just getting the conversation going, but maintaining it, fuelling it, responding and monitoring to support your company values.

Unique, DIY-style training programs designed to give you the skills to create a digital or social strategy that makes best use of your time and content.


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