You know social media marketing is a must have. You probably have plenty of ideas on what to do because it’s not that hard – right? You just have to post on a couple of platforms like Facebook or Instagram, use a few hashtags, reply to comments….

So why aren’t you doing it?

Often, it’s because it takes time – the thing you have least of – and how can you be sure you’re using the little time you do have on social media posts that really hit the target? [Haimat]’s social media training programs are unique because they are genuinely structured as a DIY training. You will walk out with the skills to create a social media strategy designed to make the best use of your time and content. Here are some of our social media courses in Sydney – held in beautiful Manly:

More courses we can deliver for you:

It’s time to start seeing results from your social media marketing. So let’s start with strategy. After all, if you get your strategy clear, the day-­to-­day work is simplified.

If you haven’t had the gosh darn time to explore every last corner of the world’s most expansive social network. This is the right course to learn about the basics of Facebook.

Learn how to leverage the most powerful social media tool in the most cost and time effective way. We will look Fat creating Facebook ads, uploading bulk ad images, how to track campaigns via pixel and much more.


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