To build strong affinity with your brand, you need to connect to customers via social media. It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s the place you need to be. Social media’s direct access to customers has proved an amazing opportunity for brands of all kinds. But the ground is constantly shifting. As social platforms continue to monetize, as channels fragment and advertising laws tighten, the role of social media in marketing is evolving.

It’s not just getting the conversation going, but maintaining it, fuelling it, responding and monitoring to support your company values.

Developing quality content, targeted to your customers, and smart ways to repurpose it across channels while keeping the conversation fresh.

Social media advertising helps the right customers find you, thanks to data on their needs and preferences.

Your unique content is seeded in the channels your customers follow and amplified through organic or paid engagement to build networks of increasing exposure.

The digital discourse goes on 24-7. Staying on top of your side of the conversation is critical to staying relevant.

Unique, DIY-style training programs designed to give you the skills to create a digital or social strategy that makes best use of your time and content.

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