Diving into social media without a clear plan is like stepping out on a long hike without a map. Social media strategy underpins all of the social media marketing services [Haimat] provides. It’s your strategy that will keep you from wrong turns, poor choices or getting completely lost in the woods.

What’s in a social media strategy?

A clear strategy helps expand your reach, turn prospects into customers and bring them back home – to your brand. We look at the big picture, what you want your company to be in the future, and work backwards:

  • Defining your audience
  • Understanding how they interact with social media
  • Articulating what they most want to see from you
  • Determining your unique tone of voice
  • Describing the possible and potential calls to action we can test

And we start with an analysis of:

  • Your marketing and digital objectives,
  • Competitors,
  • Market trends,
  • Challenges, and
  • Audience.

We then build upon the analysis to create a set of recommendations for your brand in social: which channels to utilise, how to express your brand voice, big ideas for short-term impact (competitions & social apps) and lower-intensity “always on” content. We know we’ve said it before – and we hate to repeat ourselves – but on this point it’s important: social media strategy – like everything in your business – begins with your business strategy. Five, ten, even twenty thousand followers may make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but we guarantee a healthy bottom line makes you feel a whole lot better. Just as strategy drives your business decisions, it has to be the basis for your social media marketing. It’s not only about the quality of your product or service any more – although the importance of quality will never go away (we hope!) – but it’s also about your brand personality.

Star quality

Let’s face it, popular culture is obsessed with personalities and celebrities. Your social media strategy defines the right touch points, the approaches and the content to get your brand a little ‘star quality’ in the minds of your customers. Once the social media strategy is prepared we roll it out ensuring all elements work together, build off each other and feed into each other. Social media is your most human face, a face that’s available 24/7 whenever your customers might be looking for it. Perhaps your goal is to entertain, to educate – or to edutain! You may look to be a resource, a respite, a motivator…..whatever your mission, we’ll help you earn and build trust, emotional connection and a feeling of belonging between customers and your brand.

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