User experience is a whole lot more than the size of your BUY button. Not that your BUY button isn’t important! But it’s a tiny part of your customers’ overall experience with your company.

There’s a lot of value – particularly for small businesses – in DIY websites and templates. However, they weren’t made for your customers, they were made for the masses. And that means they can’t give your customers the cleanest, most straight forward and unique transactional experience.

Starting where Darwin left off: with the human being

At [Haimat] we start with the fact that your customer is human. Sounds obvious, sure, but does it surprise you to know a lot of computer programmers don’t start there? (When was the last time you scrolled too long, couldn’t find the right button or work out how to get back to the last screen?)

Your brand relies on your human customers. [Haimat] starts every user interface project right there, discovering:

  • Exactly who uses your site
  • How they interact with your business digitally
  • How they’d like to interact with it, and
  • What approach works best for them.

We are the advocates for your customers, maintaining a strict adherence to your brand principles and persona through the user interface design or redesign project.

The KISS principle – from clicker to convert

Yep. Keep It Simple (Stupid).

While the mapping and designing of the complete user experience may be complex, it has one goal: make the end result as simple as it can humanly be.

Simplicity provides the best chance of turning a browser into a buyer, a clicker to a convert, a “just looking” to a “gotta have it!”

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