Website Development is like framework for a building – you don’t see it but the final result depends on it in every way. Because there are so many variables in a website, the decisions you make early in your plans for a new or revised website are critical. Decisions on content management, client relationship management, ecommerce functionality and responsiveness across all devices can directly impact sales.

They’ll know they made the right choice

Your customers come to your website by choice, and they can quickly choose to go somewhere else if their experience on your pages doesn’t meet their expectations.

[Haimat] wants your brand to be able to build that critical sense of belonging, of connection and identity between you and your customers and that starts from the very beginning, with website development.

We offer:

  • WordPress development
  • Mobile development, and
  • eCommerce development

All designed to ensure customers not only know they made the right choice, but stay and transact so you can capture all you need to know about them to begin to help move the relationship forward.

Maintaining your brand persona

[Haimat] partners with many experienced website developers. Our first task is to calibrate the level of technical sophistication required in the web design with your individual business goals. We manage the very important relationship – between you, representing the business, and the developer, delivering the necessary technology, design and functionality. It’s our role to ensure your brand’s digital marketing presence and persona is maintained through the entire development process.

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