The data show visitors spend seven seconds or less on 90% of the websites they visit. That doesn’t give you much time to grab them by the eyeballs and get them to take the crucial next step.

Web Development

There are so many variables in a website, decisions made early in your plans for a new or revised site are critical to ensure you meet customer expectations.

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Web Design

[Haimat] creates unique digital experiences and brand identities that tickle the brain & please the eye, content rich, deliciously attractive, flavored for SEO.

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Responsive Design

Are customers able to view your website, find what they want and navigate to a transaction whether they’re on a train, at the beach or walking along a street?

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User Experience

It’s a quality user experience that has the best chance of turning a browser into a buyer, a clicker to a convert, a “just looking” to a “gotta have it!”

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Landing Page

[Haimat] creates beautifully designed, clearly targeted landing pages for new product releases, competitions, special promotions and one-off events with impact.

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Microsites can break with your official look-and-feel a little, engaging users in a new experience to help launch new products and events, or for time-sensitive info.

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