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Social Trends 2016

It was a big year for everyone here on Earth ole 2016. And while America were busy researching whether or not it was safe to give their dog Benadryl, the rest of the world were busy digesting Brexit and Trump in a deeply unsatisfying bite. Though they weren’t the only noteworthy event in twenty-sixteen, it’s rather time-saving to not go ahead and list out everything else – we’re here to talk about social media and what 2016 really calibrated and set up for 2017 to take over.

With the disappearance of Vine, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat still strolled on through growing larger and showing no signs of injury. And while the internet is now flooded with 2017 predictions for what the world of social media will become, there are still major benefits strolling back through memory lane to see what 2016 really did bring.

Nikki Gilliland from Econsultancy has done a great job of rallying some big names and getting their thoughts on the top four trends from the year that was. Have a read right here