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Let the internet inspire you today

In the absence of timely nearby events, we’re forever graced with the endless stream of content delivered by countless .coms and social platforms. From there, only a select few of these nuggets of content will enter our subconscious and leave a little mark in there that says ‘Hey man, this is actually really f**king cool so you should bookmark it or somethin”

So, as we reflect upon an increasing list of bookmarked items, I’ve singled out the top three picks likely to hype you up despite the cold and dark winter days, at least in Sydney.

Foster Huntington on leaving the rat race and living in a treehouse

What started as a somewhat comical take on his newly chosen day-to-day, Huntington never realised the calibre #vanlife would soon take among a rapidly growing and wanderlust hungry generation. Now with smack on 1 million Instagram followers, Foster is still as authentic as when he started. “The method has become the destination: there are people living “in super pimped-out vans whose goal is to be an Instagram star”. But setting out on adventures for the sake of internet approval or bragging rights is counterproductive, he says.” There’s something genuine about his story likely to keep you warm in an online world fuelled by Kardashians and cats.

Story by Huck Magazine

Foster Huntington by Huck Magazine

Paradise in NSW’s South Coast

If you’d asked me this morning whether I’d anticipated the fact that I’m sharing and recommending a government organisations blog post today, I would’ve told you to get lost. But, surprisingly enough, here we are. And, while the article may not be the most entertainingly crafted story, it still features a large array of nearby spots likely to lead to you counting your annual leave.

The New South Wales south coast is a sometimes forgotten travel destination when there exists tropical paradises and cultural utopia’s like Fiji or Paris, but when you’re looking for a quick ol’ weekend away to recharge your winter batteries and forget about work, you best at least acknowledge and consider the possibility of driving south (pending your a New South Wale-ian)

Article by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services

Jervis Bay by Tim Clark

Shot by Tim Clark

A realist convo about life online with Bret Easton Ellis

Sometimes it can be refreshing to sit at your computer as a susceptible generation y’er and read the brutal honesty of a renowned novelist like Bret Easton Ellis. The digital age is an interesting and not all sunshine-and-rainbow time, hell if I had the choice to go back to the days of record stores and novels, I’d be there immediately. But, we’re here now and best not to dwell on the past, so we wanted to share an entertaining view on what this modern age signifies.

Bret Easton Ellis by Huck Magazine

Story by Huck Magazine