Sometimes a book can be so darn good you just feel like sharing it with the world, hence, the intention here. Biz Stone, creative thinker, college dropout, genuinely good human and co-founder of Twitter doesn’t share a stereotypical experience of being young, rich and stupidly care-free, rather his intentions are good, which is a rare characteristic among Silicon Valley founders, minus Steve Wozniak.

Stone is a refreshingly positive and upbeat person whose account of how he struck gold by being the nice guy comes rather inspiringly. There is a lot to learn from the cool, sometimes mistakably arrogant collectedness of Biz, with such sentiments as “we were in the business of uniting humanity” and “every day’s a new day.” He recounts humbling stories of how he convinced his high school teacher to enact a “no homework policy” and offers a funny account of receiving an offer of $500m from Mark Zuckerberg for the sale of Twitter. A realist at heart, Biz offers some helpfully encouraging words that seem all the more relatable to the budding entrepreneur.

Whilst some have criticised the book in saying Stone muses on his positive philosophy to the point of annoyance, you can’t argue in saying you had either a good laugh, a personal light-bulb moment or just a greater understanding for one of the men behind Twitter, or all of the above

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