While 2016 wasn’t the year we saw Huey’s Kitchen break the top 10 most Googled search terms in Australia, it was the year we saw the United States ask Google how much Benadryl they’re allowed to give their dog. And oh what a year it was.

If nothing else, this data is a comforting indicator that Australian’s are more mature than to simply ask Google the directions to Mordor or whether or not midgets have night vision. instead, we’re a globally minded country who fucking loves their sport. See for yourself:

Overall Searches

1. US Election
2. Olympics
3. Census
4. Euro 2016
5. Australian Open 2016
6. Pokemon Go
7. Donald Trump
8. iPhone 7
9. David Bowie
10. Prince

Other Noteworthy Candidates

1. Dreamworld accident
2. Harambe
3. Total solar eclipse
4. Pauline Hanson
5. Leonard Cohen
6. Paralympics
7. Mitchell Pearce
8. Brussels
9. Pokemon Go
10. Muhammad Ali

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