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It’s such a common occurrence nowadays that someone is more likely to view your Instagram feed before they come across your website. If you’re a highly visual brand, the importance of first impressions becomes paramount as Instagram and it’s users mature in quality. It just ain’t gonna’ cut it no more posting one good image, instead, if you want to be cutting edge and leave a good taste, your feed needs to flow smoothly and look enticing.

Get inspiration from your brand

Sometimes it can be hard to put your brand into words, let alone into a series of pictures. So the best place to start solidifying your Instagram aesthetic is by looking to your brand values and brand personality. First of all, what products do you sell? What makes you stand out from the competition? Answer these questions then choose words that describe your brand such as hilarious, charming, elegant, obnoxious or pretty. This should then start to give you some direction of which images to post. As well, think about your brand colours and how these can help direct the look and feel of your content. For instance, Frank body is cream, blush and brown in their brand colours and this is reflected in their feed too!

Frank body instagram feed


Your Instagram feed is actually just a really big collage

It’s easy to take a decent picture, throw it into VSCO cam and suddenly you’re so stoked you cannot wait to share it with your fellow ‘grammers. The trouble is, it might look kick arse but it doesn’t actually work with the rest of your images, so best be weary. The easiest way to then tackle this challenge and make sure no such events happen is to pick a particular aesthetic and style, such as bright and minimal or dark and moody, then whatever it is you decide to post, keep it on theme and she’s bound to fit in. As well, remember consistency is key, so don’t be posting stupid shit in between the gold, people will notice and penalise you with their disregard and ignorance.

Reynold Kitchen Instagram feed

Shoot and edit your photo’s appropriately

Once you know your style and realise it probably can’t always be edited in VSCO cam, it’s worthwhile knowing what type of image your looking for before you even shoot it. For example, if your a bright and minimalistic company, any photograph taken at night is likely to stand out like a monkey in a Walmart and look out of place in your feed. Even worse, if you continue with such inconsistencies, you’ll end up with something as painful as Fireball Whiskeys Instagram feed.

Fireball Whiskey Insta Feed


It’s not always easy and sometimes it’s hard not to be slightly envious of those perfect brands with their perfect Instagram feeds and their perfect followers, but take it from us – do not underestimate the benefits of a visually appealing Instagram feed. Humans are great judges of character and prefer to judge a book by it’s cover, so if your cover looks crap, they’ll just keep scrolling past.