[Haimat] has come across one of the most interesting maps of the world we’ve seen – a world map showing the most popular search terms entered into Google, country by country. And it has some interesting social commentary.

How much for……?

Google searches are used most often to learn or compare the price of various products.

The map, called the Annual Review Google Zeitgeist, tells us a lot about our fellow human beings from different cultures and places.

In Brazil, Austria and the Ukraine, for example, there is a preponderance of searches on the price of prostitutes (perhaps there are business opportunities for relationship therapists?). In Scandinavia, however, there are more people interested in the price of education.

The Chinese, on the other hand, seem more interested in the price of electronics. Germans, it appears, most want to know where they can get the best price on a BMW while Russians want to know how much it costs to fly a MIG jet? We’re wondering why piloting a MIG is so central to Russian popular culture?

The map was put together by Fixr.com and doesn’t focus on what people think or do, but rather what they want priced. We have to say, they are hardly scientifically valid results, derived by using a simple formula – but it’s a fun look at our very different national orientations!

Google World Map

Source: http://www.fixr.com/blog/2015/04/17/world-of-obsessions/