Yellow Tail Ad

I’m still trying to digest what we’ve just seen.

According to The New York Times, Super Bowl ad space will likely set you back around $5 million dollars or so nowadays, so it’s only fitting the company to step up and fly the Australian flag has pretty deep pockets. And, if wasn’t more stereotypically fitting and truthfully quite sad, it just so happened to be an alcohol brand who’s logo features a flipping kangaroo.

While the stand-out ads for 2017 were mostly dominated by big name brands making big-ass statements way beyond their products, touching on topics of immigration and global unity, here was Yellow Tail, flying the flag for Australian wine with a highly-robotic kangaroo perving on model Ellie Gonsalves and a man wearing an awful yellow suit likely inspired by Walter White’s Hazmat suit.

And, while the New York based agency responsible for the ad claims:

“We’re using comedy to show that this wine is really fun to drink – to show that of the 5,000 wine brands in the space, Yellow Tail is the one that’s associated with fun”

I argue that all wine is indeed ‘fun,’ particularly if enough is drunk.