Don’t let social media become a struggle. Let huloo do all the work for you.

Working alongside a number of small-medium sized businesses, we noticed that one of the most commonly heard lamentations was “if only I had more time…”

Most business owners told us how important social media is for their business but they either don’t have the time themselves, nor the funds to employ someone or to work with an agency.

Voila, the inception of huloo at Haimat.

Making life easier for small businesses. It’s what we do.

focus on growing your business, not your next social post.


Growing a business is hard business. We found that SMBs often lacked the human-power or financial resources to dedicate to building their social media presence. On top of this, business owners often felt uncertain of how often, what, when, and which channels they should be posting on.

This meant that social was often one of the first things to drop off the marketing agenda. But unfortunately, without a social presence and the corresponding social proof, it is much harder to get traction, build awareness and communicate a brand persona.

With this in mind, we set out to create a tool that would take the strain out of social media and provide more support for SMBs.


How to create a social media management tool that takes the time and expertise out of developing and implementing a content strategy.


There’s no use building a social media management tool for small business owners if it doesn’t address the needs of small business owners. We conducted over 60 user interviews to get a feel for what would make a real difference in the day to day of SMBs.

The result is a tool that provides a bespoke social media calendar for your business, including a calendar that suggests when to post, how much to post, and even generates recommended content for you. Using data-driven analytics, it also uses each month’s trends to craft the perfect schedule to get you maximum engagement with minimal effort.

Benjamin Kassel

Benjamin Kassel

Managing Director