Top Three TED Talks

It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed as you scroll through the endless stream of highly watched and highly recommended TED talks. With everything from activism to Wikipedia and everything in between, TED has become and extremely insightful and dense platform. So, to add to their 100+ collections of already recommended talks, we’ve gone to the liberty of choosing our top three picks this week, which tackle everything from bad design to the beauty of stillness.

5 Tips For The Perfect Monday

We’re all different and we all have alternate rituals and methods to kick start our week, but one thing we do have in common, something that is undoubtably inevitable is Monday, bloody Monday. So if you can’t avoid it, the next best thing would be to own it and essentially, make Monday your bitch. And, whilst we all have our own views on the perfect morning ritual, we wanted to share ours in hopes it may just help make your Monday that little bit easier:

Things A Little Bird Told Me

Sometimes a book can be so darn good you just feel like sharing it with the world, hence, the intention here. Biz Stone, creative thinker, college dropout, genuinely good human and co-founder of Twitter doesn’t share a stereotypical experience of being young, rich and stupidly care-free, rather his intentions are good, which is a rare characteristic among Silicon Valley founders, minus Steve Wozniak.

How To Create A Social Media Strategy

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” a wise man (named Antoine de Saint-Exupery) once said.

When it comes to social media, truer words have never been said. If you’ve already dipped your toe into the world of social media marketing without having a solid plan in place, chances are you’re not seeing the full potential of what you can achieve.

Why You Can’t Break 10k: A Simplified Guide To Nailing Instagram

Remember the time Instagram introduced the ‘k’ symbol to any user dancing in the world of 1000 or more followers? Sadly, it didn’t last long and now brands and personalities are back to pushing hard to reach that 10k mark. And, before you throw in the towel and succumb to purchasing followers in a bid to increase brand credibility, blossom potential partnerships and proudly say your content rocks, read this simplified guide to nailing Instagram before selling out.

4 Tips To Get Results On Facebook For Small Businesses

Facebook is the most popular social media network in Australia — 93% of all social media users in Australia have an active profile and many access Facebook every day. So, chances are your target market is on Facebook, which means your small business should be there too.

It can be a challenge to create a “successful” Facebook page, especially for a small business, but done well, it can be an effective way to generate business. Here are 4 tips to help you get your company’s Facebook page off the ground:

What Is Brand Storytelling & How To Do It Well On Social Media

You may not have heard the term brand storytelling. Basically it refers to what the story is behind your brand or business — what does it like, what is it’s background, what it’s view of the world is etc. etc. Thinking of your business or brand as a story can help you come up with content ideas and to visualise for your customer (or follower) the “personality” behind your business. This can be done through things like the type of imagery you use and your tone of voice, for example.   

Top Social Media Facts And Figures & What It Means For Your Business

Australians are a digital bunch

Australians, like the rest of the world, embrace our ever-changing world of new technology and social networking. In fact, the average Aussie has three different internet-enabled gadgets—smartphones, laptops and tablets — to stay connected and stay current. Right now, it’s known social media facts that a whopping 95% of Australians are using social media to virtually connect, express and share with family and friends online.

How To Decide Which Social Media To Use For Your Business

So you’ve started your own business (or work for someone who has), and decided now’s the time to start focusing your energies on social media. Good move! While it can seem daunting at first, marketing your business through social media can be a highly effective means of staying front-of-mind to your customers and getting in front of potential customers. And it doesn’t have to cost much either.

Snapchat Competitor Beme: The Social Network For The REAL You

Had enough of all the posed, posturing, set up photos and videos on social media? Then the new social app Beme might be right in your sweet spot.

Social media professional wiz kid Casey Neistat started Beme and it’s an app focused entirely on authenticity. Instead of carefully staged and edited photos and videos, users show Beme their true selves. That means the app has no filters and no editing options.


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