How voice search affects your SEO strategy

The SERP has long ruled the SEO roost. But for how much longer?

Companies have been fighting over Google’s search engine rankings for some time now. Attempting everything from keyword stuffing, to maniacally accruing backlinks to their website pages. But now there’s a new player in the SEO game – voice search. In which case, the question on everyone’s lips is… just how are these new voice assistants going to affect their SEO?

Ok, Google. For all you optimising, SEO nuts out there, let’s get stuck into it!

Is Pinterest marketing right for your business?

Facebook and its sister platform Instagram have seemingly held all of the cards in the social marketing game for a long time now. But it would be a mistake to think that there aren’t other channels out there. And with Facebook and Instagram making it more and more difficult for brands to get organic (and even paid) traffic, it is well worth sniffing around to find a channel that drives maximum value for your brand buck. Here, we’re going to dive into what we think are the under-discussed waters of Pinterest marketing, and whether it makes sense for you to adopt it into your business’ social media strategy.

How GDPR Affects You, And What You Can Do About It

Have you been waking up to a bunch of emails from businesses that you don’t remember giving your details to, and who are notifying you of updates to their terms and conditions? Or, like me, did you just log in to your Facebook to be walked through a range of new opt-out features like facial recognition?

Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes that were rolled out at the end of May this year are the most significant regulatory changes made to Internet policy since the 1990’s, and with Google and Facebook slammed with $9.3 billion in fines on the first day of these laws going live, they aren’t here to pull punches. But despite this, the lead up has been understated, to say the least.

If you’re wondering what it all means, and more specifically whether this is something that affects your business, you’re not alone.

In this post, we’re going to run through exactly what the GDPR is, which industries are affected and how they can prepare, and the short to long term impacts of the changes being rolled out.

Cambridge Analytica: a cause for social stress?

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, there has been a helluva lot of shade thrown around, and a lot of noise made about how drastic the changes to the platform are going to be. But should you be worried?

Three Tips To Ensure Your Website Doesn’t Suck

It may be late, I may have been drinking, and yes it may have been a long day, but whether it’s the booze talking or a general dissatisfaction with the notion of imperfection, there are some basic ground rules we like to follow with any new client to ensure that their new website is as incredible and mind-blowing as it can be. Let us begin:

Let The Internet Inspire You, At Least Today

In the absence of timely nearby events, we’re forever graced with the endless stream of content delivered by countless .coms and social platforms. From there, only a select few of these nuggets of content will enter our subconscious and leave a little mark in there that says ‘Hey man, this is actually really f**king cool so you should bookmark it or somethin”

So, as we reflect upon an increasing list of bookmarked items, I’ve singled out the top three picks likely to hype you up despite the cold and dark winter days, at least in Sydney.

[Haimat] Stoke: Issue 2

Another week goes by; filled with sunshine and schooners, pocket money and denim jackets, coffee and Uber eats and another week streaming Netflix. Monday was a little drag, the Sunday afternoon spent sipping cocktails and red wine celebrating the god-save that are our mothers, ending up quite the weekend.

Nevertheless we made it through, slightly behind but we’re here. And, with another week comes another bunch of cool stuff happening. We’ve sifted through the rubbish to give you our top picks for the week to make sure the rest of your week isn’t too bad:

[Haimat] Stoke: Issue 1

It can be pretty hard to pull yourself out of bed on a Monday morning, hard not to press snooze more than once and even harder to convince yourself an early morning exercise regime is by far the greatest idea since last night’s second bottle of red wine. I hate the word Mondayitis but the reality is way too real; Monday’s really do suck (at least on the majority). It’s not often Monday brings a sparkling motivation to drink your latte and respond to all emails with an intern-inspired smile and overly enthusiastic zazz for office life, rather you scroll your Facebook feed waiting until you can break for lunch.

How To Create A Visually Stimulating Instagram Feed

It’s such a common occurrence nowadays that someone is more likely to view your Instagram feed before they come across your website. If you’re a highly visual brand, the importance of first impressions becomes paramount as Instagram and it’s users mature in quality. It just ain’t gonna’ cut it no more posting one good image, instead, if you want to be cutting edge and leave a good taste, your feed needs to flow smoothly and look enticing.

Why A Plain Old Responsive Website Is So 2016

I’d be lying if I claimed to be the first person who emphasises the importance of a responsive design for modern day websites, we’ve all heard it, plenty of times – that’s not what we’re here to do. Instead, what if I told you a pleasant, responsive website design just wasn’t going to cut it and that rather we want to introduce you to web design’s long forgotten younger sister, user experience and their extremely close cousin interactive design – are your ears perking or do you still think this dude has no idea what his on about?


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