Top 5 Blogs To Follow For Web Design Inspo

In a world filled with DIY website tools and essentially cost-free domain names there beckons an endless library of sub-par websites from all over the world. Fortunately, in amongst all the noise there are a handful of admirable destinations sporting a unique and unmatched design and functionality with their website. Sometimes its quite hard to find these inspirational examples of modern design and purpose, so given we’re in the business of website design, we wanted to share our top five go-to sites to weed through the bollocks and gather web design inspiration from the world’s finest websites.

10 Brands With a Brilliant About Page

The illustrious ‘About Us’ page is very much the more understated and under appreciated page of most websites. With some absolute shockers out there, there exists also some incredibly witty and well-thought one’s. The About page is a great opportunity for personalities and businesses to show a great amount of authenticity and originality – it offers a great chance for someone to be themselves and share their passions.

What Were The Biggest Social Media Trends of 2016?

It was a big year for everyone here on Earth ole 2016. And while America were busy researching whether or not it was safe to give their dog Benadryl, the rest of the world were busy digesting Brexit and Trump in a deeply unsatisfying bite. Though they weren’t the only noteworthy event in twenty-sixteen, it’s rather time-saving to not go ahead and list out everything else – we’re here to talk about social media and what 2016 really calibrated and set up for 2017 to take over.

3 Local SEO Tips That Deliver Business Results

There are always endless tutorials and top ten ways to increase your SEO ranking floating around the internet guaranteeing you their tried and true methods are a sure-fire way to generate more traffic to your website. But what about if you go one step further, what if traffic isn’t enough and you want to use SEO to generate some real business results? Well, welcome to the world of local SEO.

“What does this mean for your business? Not only are people searching locally, they’re taking action when they do! Building a strategy that promotes your business locally will do more than drive website traffic — it will drive sales.”

Yellow Tail Absolutely Kooked It

I’m still trying to digest what we’ve just seen.

According to The New York Times, Super Bowl ad space will likely set you back around $5 million dollars or so nowadays, so it’s only fitting the company to step up and fly the Australian flag has pretty deep pockets. And, if wasn’t more stereotypically fitting and truthfully quite sad, it just so happened to be an alcohol brand who’s logo features a flipping kangaroo.

While the stand-out ads for 2017 were mostly dominated by big name brands making big-ass statements way beyond their products, touching on topics of immigration and global unity, here was Yellow Tail, flying the flag for Australian wine with a highly-robotic kangaroo perving on model Ellie Gonsalves and a man wearing an awful yellow suit likely inspired by Walter White’s Hazmat suit.

And, while the New York based agency responsible for the ad claims:

“We’re using comedy to show that this wine is really fun to drink – to show that of the 5,000 wine brands in the space, Yellow Tail is the one that’s associated with fun”

I argue that all wine is indeed ‘fun,’ particularly if enough is drunk.

How Effective Is Influencer Marketing On Instagram?

How does influencer marketing work?

Influencer marketing focuses on using ‘social influencers’ to promote your brand or product. More and more brands are using influencer marketing to give their brand an edge, and to grow trust with audiences. For example, a fashion brand might send a piece of clothing to a model or fashion blogger who has a big following, who will then post about that product and brand on social media or their blog— see Australian Margaret Zhang’s Instagram account for a real life example.

Partnering with brands and influencers with similar audiences can be a useful part of a social media strategy.

But if you’re considering this, it’s important to know — how effective is it really? 

As the number of brands using influencer marketing grows, audiences are seeing more of this branded content and becoming more savvy (and possibly less trusting) of their favourite online personalities.  As you’d imagine, effectiveness vary from brand to brand and from influencer to influencer, according to a recent study by Fractl.

The study found that effectiveness depends on whether the influencer is classed as a quantity or quality influencer — quality influencers post an average of 6.4% of sponsored content, and quantity posts about 59.7%.

Fractl also found the most popular sponsored posts are from the fashion industry. Far behind in second place are fitness posts, with sport and animals coming last (although pet posts get the most likes). Fashion sponsored posts work well because the advertising is much more conspicuous  because the product is part of the image itself — the influencer just needs to tag the brand in most cases.

The survey also found that users with organic content do still get the most engagement with their content, the lower their follower numbers are. If the follower numbers are less than 1,000, the engagement rate is higher than with 1,000 or 10,000 followers. This means as your Instagram follower count increases, your engagement rate decreases.

What should you aim for? 

According to Influencer Marketing Agency, Markely, what users really care about (not that surprising, really) is the quality and realness of the content. This can be achieved by focusing on weaving your brand into the influencer’s feed naturally, and becoming part of their story. It’s also important to pair with the influencer that’s best suited to your brand.

In another study, Markerly also found that there were four content characteristics that fostered more post engagement:

  • High-quality imagery
  • Unique content, featuring the influencer or their family within the post — make sure the influencer genuinely likes your product, or it will show in the post
  • Natural product placement
  • Text separate from photos

Snapchat Marketing For Businesses

You’ve probably heard of Snapchat, and you may even use it yourself, but there’s still a lot of confusion around how brands can make the most of it.

Unlike most other social media channels, it’s not based on getting the highest number of followers or engagement. And the content self-destructs after it’s been seen. But, according to many sources, disappearing content like Snapchat serves is set to be one of the top trends for social media in 2017, with Instagram and now Facebook introducing something similar, so it’s worth getting involved, or at least across, Snapchat now. Especially if your target market is the elusive millennial group.

Kinda Freaky: Chatbots Are Set To Take Over Customer Service By 2020

Virtual reality and chatbots will dominate interactions with customers within the next three years, according to recent research from Oracle and Coleman Parkes. The survey covered 800 senior marketers and strategy managers from France, the Netherlands, South Africa and the UK, and provided some interesting nuggets:

5 Simple SEO Tips For Small Business In 2017

Although SEO is become more of household phrase these days, a lot of people are still rather ignorant to the potential that good SEO practice can bring to their business. To most, SEO seems complex, confusing and sometimes even a little unnecessary simply because of a lack of understanding. And why is SEO so important? In a nutshell, SEO helps drive traffic to your website by improving your website’s ranking in search engines.

How To Write Engaging Copy For Social Media For An Epic 2017

What’s the best thing you can do for your brand’s social media in 2017? Create a convincing, unique tone of voice. A tone of voice, which can also be weaved into your other marketing pieces and copy, helps to put a personality behind your brand, and encourages followers to engage with you on social media (which should be one of your top priorities!). To get you started, here’s four steps to take to nail your brand’s persona.


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